Is Your Child Struggling With Anxiety?


  • Is anxiety negatively effecting your child socially or academically?

  • Is anxiety preventing your child from doing the normal activities that most other kids do?

  • Do you reassure your child over and over, but it doesn't seem to matter?

  • Do you feel like nothing you do relieves your child's least not for long?

  • Is anxiety creating extra stress in your family?

  • Is anxiety contributing to other behavioral issues?


Anxiety can quickly become big and overwhelming, leading to crippling disruptions in the life of your child and family. 

Of course, we all experience anxiety.  It is a normal part of life, necessary for survival and optimal performance. 

Anxiety only becomes problematic when it begins to take on a life of its own, increasingly spreading into unhelpful territory.  When this happens, it can stop your child and family in their tracks...  

Your child might start to refuse to do normal childhood activities...or be bothered with a barrage of unhelpful thoughts and behaviors. 

Your child's life can really start to shrink as anxiety takes over ever-increasing ground.  And this can negatively impact the entire family, often in dramatic ways. I get how frustrating this is.

The good news doesn't have to be that way.  

I teach children, alongside their parents, concrete ways to navigate through anxiety.  My approach is a family oriented one.  This is because it is critical that you and your child are speaking the same language...when it comes to anxiety. 

Also, you may find it encouraging to know that the best time to treat anxiety is during childhood.  This is both because anxious patterns are less entrenched neurologically in children and for preventative reasons...

Studies consistently show that untreated anxiety in a child puts them at a far greater risk for developing depression and substance abuse in adolescence and adulthood.  And so we certainly don't want that. 

In therapy, your child and family will learn in a playful, engaging, energetic way exactly how anxiety operates and how to take back control from it.  We will focus on the how not the why.

I invite you to explore my website and I hope you find the information helpful.  And if you're interested in treatment for your child, please go to our FAQ'S page.  This will help you to decide if we are a good fit.  


Helping Anxious Kids is here to support your family.  If you are seeking anxiety treatment for your child and my approach resonates with you, schedule an appointment today. 

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